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The Taycan Turbo & Turbo S is the ultimate EV with modern styling, performance and everyday use ability. Our Gunther Werks team have added to that beauty with our new Front Spoiler, Rear Diffuser and Decklid Spoiler.

The carbon add-on components represent the latest in high performance, design and manufacturing by focusing on maximizing the cooling performance, improving airflow dynamics all while minimizing weight. 

Pre-order now to reserve your allocation for the latest additional enhancement for your Porsche Taycan Turbo/Turbo S.

Tracing the iconic single LED taillight, the GW9 Decklid Spoiler sits atop on the rear boot. This one-piece component is created using our latest Carbon Fiber 2x2 weave, pre-impregnated, and auto-enclave processes.

Vorsteiner Porsche Taycan Turbo/Turbo S Decklid Spoiler

SKU: POV3060
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