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A90 Shop's provided services locally to Las Vegas, Nevada include parts installation, modification, detailing and paint correction, full builds, powder coating, Cerakote, ceramic coatings, graphene coatings, self-healing graphene, paint protective films, vinyl wrap, wheels, carbon fiber, etc. Whatever you need for your vehicle, we've got you covered.


MADE motorsports has plenty of space for simple and complex jobs. With multiple lifts, including a 10k lb capacity Bendpack. From full builds, to simple maintenance and oil changes, we have you covered.


We offer protective coating services for all types of applications. We offer all types of ceramic, graphene, and self-healing graphene applications that has PPF-like properties. We can perform these services on vehicles, or for individual parts, typically carbon fiber, or other aftermarket additions you would like to protect from the environment and road use.


A90 Shop has experience and a huge passion for performing complete builds for customers. Whether is be performance, cosmetic, or both, we provide guidance and a concierge type of approach to building whatever you desire. Contact us today for more information on timeframes, availability, and quotes on large parts packages to complete your dream.


MADE motorsports specializes in BMW tuning, but has other options as well. We work directly with Bootmod3, MHD, Ecutek, and more. We are also able to perform bench unlocks here, in house, right in Las Vegas.


We also offer  Cerakote ceramic heat coatings. Whether it be new intercooler piping, intake manifolds, wheels, of custom accessories, custom ceramic coatings are available. Cerakote heat coatings offer reduced engine bay temps and increase performance and overall longevity of other parts in the engine bay. We highly recommend Cerakote on higher performance applications.


Have a part in mind but not liking the color options? Looking for a custom look to fit a color theme? We've got you covered. We provide affordable powder coating services right here in Las Vegas in thousands of color options for new or current parts. Any metal part can be coated in about any color you can imagine. Contact us to before placing an order if you wish to add a custom color to your parts.


MADE motorsports also offers complete detail service. From simple washes to paint restoration, we have you covered. Contact us for a quote and an appointment.


MADE motorsports has a team of engineering and fabricators. We make our own parts and can also offer services for other individuals or brands to create their own developments as well. Reach out to us to discuss your needs.


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