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Introducing Titan's solution for direct port nitrous for the B58/A90 platform. They worked with CSF and Nitrous express to develop a clean and easy to install direct port nitrous on your CSF intake manifold


  • The NX Dry Direct Port System provide nitrous directly into each cylinder through a set of high flow NX Dry Nozzles.
  • These systems are designed to be used with an engine management system that can add nitrous enrichment through the engine's fuel system.
  • Includes jets for 75-375hp per stage as well as a tech card with lbs/hr flow data for each jet setting.
  • Includes .093 NX Lightning Solenoid, WOT switch, stainless bottle brackets, 4AN nitrous feedline, relay, relay harness and all necessary hardware to complete installation.
  • 1/8NPT nozzles

Titan Motorsports X CSF Nitrous Express Direct Port Nitrous Kit For CSF B58/A9X

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