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Titan Motorsports has developed the lightest exhaust system on the A90 Supra market at 20lbs. Manufactured from TIG welded titanium, including the muffler, piping, and full flow electric 3.5” valve. The use of titanium as a primary material allows us not only a lightweight system but also gives an exhaust pitch a resonance that pairs quite well with the high-revving B58 as it climbs through the RPM band. Designed as a no-compromise performance focused exhaust, we’ve done away with the roller coaster style piping and instead utilized a high flow routing for increased performance and light weight. Installing this exhaust removes a healthy 34lbs of weight from the vehicle, and even more can be shed by combining this system with our Titan Motorsports downpipes. 


Factory sport mode is retained and using a straight flow 3.50” titanium electric valve, the user can choose to divert flow through the performance muffler or open the valve to allow more exhaust to exit through the straight pipe exit to the right. The bespoke titanium muffler is designed with performance in mind, but also takes proper aesthetics into account. The muffler is centered behind the F1-inspired third brake light and sized to take up a larger portion of the space beneath the diffuser, filling up the gap created when removing the factory system. Exhaust exits the rear bumper through slash cut 4.5” tips which are torched and laser engraved with the Titan logo and fill the bumper openings without being too overpowering.


When installing exhaust you need to remove motor, power on the car and make sure it returns to closed position (this default when the car is off).  

Titan Motorsports Full Titanium Valved Exhaust, MKV Supra GR A90 | A91

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