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This hood not only looks great but is fully functional. Our V-mount hood is designed for those who want to utilize the best cooling properties out of their v-mounted intercooler. The Hood scoop provides a clear exit for air flow after leaving the intercooler. Our Hood is designed specially for those who are using a V-mounted style intercooler set up. The V-Mount scoop on the hood fits most set-ups and the depth of the scoop can be trimmed if needed. The two additional vents are placed specially to help heat escape from your turbo set up.


NOTICE: This product is being produced and orders are shipping - there is a queue for the part due to limited production. Orders are shipped out in the exact order they come in - FRP or Carbon.



If you are a customer shipping this item outside of the United States, please use the contact form below to submit your request to purchase. We do this to find the best shipping option available for you as the price can vary widely depending on where you are shipping to. 

RX-7 V-Mount Hood

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