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This high-accuracy fuel pressure gauge is suitable for all fueling applications. It features an acrylic lens with a silicone filled dial that reads from 0 to 100psi (0 to 6.9 BAR) with +/- 2% accuracy. The silicone fluid prevents the needle from vibrating for easy pressure readings. The internal bubble is normal. Rugged stainless 1-5/8" OD steel case (1-3/4" OD bezel) with nickel plated male 1/8" NPT fitting. Available with black bezel and housing only.


Adding a fuel pressure gauge makes DMR pressure adjustments simple.
After applying PTFE paste or tape to the threads, the gauge will seal into either of the two 1/8" NPT ports on the DMR.

Radium Engineering 0-100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge

SKU: 20-0029
  • 1. The internal silicone bubble is normal.
    2. Overpressurizing can permanently misalign the needle calibration.
    3. PTFE thread sealant paste should always be used on NPT threads.

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