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MagnaFlow MK5 Supra GR XMOD Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System



MagnaFlow's premium performance exhaust offering, the xMOD Series, provides an unrivaled exhaust experience! The revolutionary xMOD Series offers a completely modular exhaust system with all the benefits a MagnaFlow premium exhaust is known for: lifetime warrantied stainless steel construction, dyno proven performance featuring straight-through mufflers and fast-flowing mandrel bent pipes, then xMOD takes modifying your vehicle's exhaust to the next level of personalization with the following all new, first time product line features:

Sound Configurations: Configurable sound level provided by xMOD Muffler Modules and xMOD xTreme Deletes. With a MagnaFlow xMOD Series premium performance exhaust system, you choose just how wild or mild you want to be: enjoy track day sound with xMOD xTreme Deletes, or a deep aggressive street sound with xMOD Muffler Modules.

  • Supra xMOD Muffler Modules: offer MagnaFlow's proven straight-through design 5" round 8" long 3" core mufflers now feature race bred quick release v-band clamps for quick installation and removal for when you want that race car sound instead of the deep, aggressive signature MagnaFlow exhaust note.
  • Supra xMOD xTreme Deletes: are equipped with the same v-band clamps allowing for the removal of the muffler modules for that xMOD xTreme sound experience. Take warning, while the xMOD systems are 100% emissions legal, the use of the xTreme deletes is recommended for track use only. Check local sound laws for street legality.

Flow Configurations: Thanks to the xMOD Opti-Flow and xTreme Flow modules, a MagnaFlow xMOD Series premium performance exhaust system will support your present and future power needs. No need to cut up your new exhaust when you go for bigger power, just bolt up your xTreme Flow module for more flow and save costly exhaust replacement. On the Supra, expandable flow capacity for big power mods were an integral part of the system's design.

  • Supra xMOD Opti-Flow Modules: feature fast-flowing 3" mandrel bent stainless steel design correcting the flow restrictions of the ovalized factory pipe which traded better ground clearance for total flow. The xMOD Opti-Flow Modules are optimized for stock power plus minor modifications.
  • Supra xMOD xTreme Flow Modules: feature increased flow capacity with 3.5" mandrel bent big bore design for big power modification support. The xMOD xTreme Flow Modules increase airflow up to 36%.

Additional Features:

  • Sport-Mode Functionality - The Supra xMOD system retains the Sport mode exhaust valve functionality.
  • Weight Reduction - The Supra xMOD system in its heaviest configuration is about 1 lb under stock and in its lightest shaves 8.5 lbs off of stock.
  • Performance Gains - The Supra xMOD system provides a modest power gain over stock up to 4 HP peak with the stock calibration but with additional aftermarket modifications can contribute up to 14 HP peak over the stock exhaust.

MagnaFlow - XMOD Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System | MKV A90 Supra 3.0

SKU: MF19495
    • Type: Cat-Back
    • Series: xMOD
    • Main Piping Diameter: 3.5"
    • Exit Style: Dual Split Rear
    • Inlet Connection Type: Clamp-On
    • Muffler Quantity: 3
    • Muffler Finish: Polished
    • Tip Type: Welded-On; Double Wall; Angle Cut; Rolled Edge
    • Tip Shape: Round
    • Tip Material: Carbon Fiber
    • Tip Finish: Carbon Fiber
    • Tip Diameter: 4.5"
    • Tip Length: 6.75"
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