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MADE Motorsports' first exhaust release is the A90 Heritage titanium exhaust for the MKV MK5 A90 Toyota Supra. This exhaust was made with a focus on beauty and performance. This is the strongest, best sounding, and best performing single exit exhaust design on the market.


Using an equal diameter piping from downpipe to muffler, (80mm or 3.15 inches), as well as minimizing bends and sharp turns, this exhaust minimizes turbulence and restriction of exhaust gases to maximize performance. MADE has added a resonator near the downpipe to reduce drone and rattle associated with other single exit designs on the market. We use Siemens argon chambers and autogenous welds, so welds are stronger and do not use filler metals. The exhaust path is finished with a cannon style muffler and a branded 5.5 inch, or 140mm diameter exhaust tip.


While small trimming on the oem diffuser trim is needed, no cutting, denting, or removing of the stock heat shield is needed like our competitors.


This is  the most PREMIUM titanium you'll see on the market today. After 4 months of engineering, we are sure this will be one you'll love.

MADE Motorsports - Single Exit A90 Heritage Titanium Exhaust | MKV Supra

$2,499.00 Regular Price
$2,199.00Sale Price
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