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Introducing the KLM Race full billet catch can, engineered, designed, and machined completely in house. Designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, the body is completely machined with no exposed bolts for a clean finish. Also, featuring an integrated filter instead of the classic external filter gives this catch can more clearance and sleek appearance. All components are machined out of 6061 billet aluminum to assure you are getting the highest quality catch can on the market. Offered with an adjustable mounting bracket for easy installation, and multiple fitting options to be compatible for any build! This billet catch can is over one quart in volume and packed with our brand-new multi-step baffling system guaranteed to perform!

Kit includes all necessary fitting’s lines and bracket for instillation.

KLM Race - MKV A90 Supra Billet Catch Can Kit

    • Over one quart volume (bigger than industry standard)
    • Fully machined body
    • Multi-step baffling design
    • Comes with pet cock plug for draining
    • Made in USA
    • Will be available anodized black or with a raw billet finish
    • Mounting bracket adjustable in 30-degree intervals
    • 5th axis machined from 6061 billet aluminum
    • integrated filter
    • Dimensions are approximately 8″X4″
    • Remove factory block fitting.
    • Install -8AN block adaptor with factory O-ring.
    • Behind the passenger headlight, remove factory bolts and use them to fasten the mounting bracket.
    • Use ¼” bolts with nuts to fasten the A90 Catch Can to the mounting bracket
    • Install AN fitting onto hose (Trim if needed).
    • Remove valve cover fitting from front passenger side of the valve cover.
    • Remove factory hose on fitting.
    • Heat shrink sleeve on -10AN line and the other end to your factory valve cover fitting after removing the factory line.
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