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Porsche 95B.2 Macan GTS FI Exhaust pipe (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) valve exhaust system is made of stainless steel T304 second only to medical grade, using 3D cutting technology, while minimizing welding spots, and welding is done by pure manual TIG Manufactured by welding process to achieve high-quality welding strength and unique texture.

The exhaust system is designed according to the scanning measurement of the original factory configuration. In order to provide 100% bolt fixing, no need to cut and damage the car body, it can go straight up and down, thereby reducing the difficulty and time of installation. The tail end exhaust system of a specific model can also be decorated with tail nozzles of various colors or materials. Please refer to the description of available accessories below.

All FI Exhausts are designed with valve technology, which can control the flow rate of the exhaust, the volume of the sound wave and improve the overall performance. If it is upgraded to use our thru-through full section system (including mid-end section and high-flow thru-pie), the average horsepower performance can be expected to increase by 5% to 10%.

When the valve is closed, the exhaust gas will pass through the tail barrel (muffling barrel), reducing the sound wave to achieve a comfortable driving experience. However, when the valve is fully open, maximum flow and performance are achieved, as well as a powerful sports car sound with the signature FI Exhaust frequency. Distinctive acoustics and performance are produced individually for each model.

The owner can switch between the 2 valve modes and control it with the remote control or through the original driving mode (some models). At the same time, the function of automatic switch valve can also be customized through the Fi control box chip system , which can be adjusted and changed at any time according to driving habits. Please refer to the available related accessories below. The Porsche 95B.2 Macan GTS Fi valve exhaust system is made of stainless steel T304 second only to medical grade. It adopts 3D cutting technology and minimizes solder joints. The welding is purely manual TIG Made by welding process, it has achieved high-quality welding strength and unique texture.

Note that the exhaust system offers different exhaust components depending on the vehicle version.
Exhaust system components must be ordered separately.
This exhaust system is available in OPF version.

Note: The actual product will vary due to the year of manufacture and the region where the model is located, and the product photos are for reference only.

FI Exhaust Porsche G2 95B.2 Macan GTS 2.9TT (OPF) 2020+Valvetronic Exhaust

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