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Fi-Exhaust - MERCEDES-BENZ GLE W167 GLE63 AMG - Front pipe + mid x-pipe + valvetronic - MB-167A-CBOE

Frequency Intelligent Exhaust aka FI Exhaust is the world's first-rate aftermarket automotive exhaust brand which specializes in exhausts for supercars, sports cars and high-performance vehicles for marques such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, BMW M, Audi, Nissan, and others.

From the outset, Fi R&D team has consistently engineered high-quality exhaust systems for car enthusiasts, who pursue a superior sound and performance and require an exhaust system that will perform in all conditions. That’s why FI Exhaust products are made to produce maximum optimized performance. Fi produces a beautiful tone from deep bass to an exotic high-pitched Formula One racing sound depending on a car model's requirements. And to achieve this optimized state every exhaust system is carefully sound tuned and undergoes rigorous testing to a specific frequency with our intelligent control system.

FI Exhaust Mercedes-Benz W167 AMG GLE63/GLE63S 4.0TT M177 2020+Valvetronic

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