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Frequency Intelligent Exhaust provides the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect exhaust system for those who want to cruise in comfort and experience sport car resonance and FI Exhaust signature frequency at a press of a sport mode button. And experience an unleashed V8 engine’s muscle car sound.

The FI Exhaust has been rigorously tested to offer the highest performance and optimal sound frequency through optimal pipe diameter, CAD and innovative X-Pipe design, valvetronic technology, high grade materials and production process. The exhaust is built from a high grade stainless steel material and masterfully detailed and finished using TIG welding producing high quality and clean welds.

Use OEM sport mode button to swiftly and quickly switch between comfort and sport sound modes in order to match sound volume with your driving needs.

When valves are closed exhaust gasses are routed through the muffler resulting in a low-profile comfortable drive. When valves are fully open for maximum flow and performance it creates an exotic tone, intense sports car sound with signature FI Exhaust frequency.

Lastly, to extend a critical component lifetime and minimize points of failure FI Exhaust offers ceramic coating heat protection for downpipes in order to reduce heat leakage and thermal degradation of heat sensitive materials like rubber hoses, plastic vacuum line and wiring.

FI Exhaust Mercedes-Benz AMG W213 E63 / S M177 features:

  • Full turboback valvetronic exhaust system, which has a front pipe, mid X-pipe, valvetronic muffler and catted/catless downpipes.
  • 3 downpipe options to regulate exhaust gas flow and sound: Ultra high flow catless , Racing 100 Cell and Sport 200 cell downpipes.
  • FI Exhaust valve modes are compatible with a Mercedes-Benz OEM sport button.
  • Manufactured from a high-grade T304 stainless steel.
  • Expert TIG welding techniques.
  • Ceramic coating upgrade option for downpipes to reduce heat leakage to sensitive materials and components and extend their lifetime.
  • Weight reduction compared to OEM/Stock exhaust.
  • Comfort/Sport exhaust sound profiles.
  • Rigorously sound tuned exhaust sound frequency.
  • Horsepower increase and low back pressure.
  • Guaranteed bolt-on fitment using precision crafted design.
  • Compatible with OEM AMG tailpipes.
  • Intelligent ECU exhaust control valve.
  • Compatible with Mercedes-Benz AMG W213 E63 / S M177 models.
  • Compatible with Sedan and Wagon version body styles.

FI Exhaust Mercedes-Benz W213 E63/E63S 4.0TT M177 2017+Valvetronic Exhaust

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