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We would like to introduce our new ETS 2021+ A90 A91 Supra B58 6-Port Turbo Kit!

Our kit features the newest turbo technology from Precision Turbo. This a truly divided twin-scroll turbo system with hundreds of hours in research and development. We wanted to build a 100% BOLT-ON KIT that could still lead the industry in power. This is the perfect kit for a daily driven streetcar or a fully built and prepped drag car. Being an ETS product you can rest easy knowing that every single hand-built part has been tested, inspected, and ported for optimal power output. As with all Extreme Turbo Systems products, we offer a manufacturer's warranty. If you have a new B58 MK5 Toyota Supra, this is the kit to bring you from a stock turbo car to a big turbo street beast.

The ETS 2021+ Toyota Supra Turbo Kit features the latest and greatest in compressor and turbine wheel technology from Precision Turbo. Utilizing Gen 2 CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheels machined from 2618-aluminum forging allows for higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance. PTE turbochargers come standard with an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assembly. Each of our ETS Turbo Kits are equipped with dual Wastegates. The V-Band flanges make installation pain free, the three lower & two upper air ports make connecting pressure sources and boost controllers easy!

Available with the PTE6466, PTE6870, PTE7275 or PTE7675

  • PTE7675 - 1200+WHP
  • PTE7275 - 1100+WHP
  • PTE6870 - 1000+WHP
  • PTE6466 - 900+WHP

ETS - MKV Supra B58 6-Port Turbo Kit

    • True Twin Scroll Divided Turbo Kit
    • Dual Wastegates for perfect boost control
    • Hand Fabricated 6-Port ETS Exhaust Manifold
    • ETS Dual Dump Tubes
    • Hand Built ETS Oil Drains
    • Modified PTE Turbocharger
    • ETS True 4.0" Downpipe
    • ETS Charge Pipe
    • ETS Heatshields
    • All the couplers, clamps, and lines needed to install
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