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Easily upgrade your MKV Supra’s look and durability with Dress Up Bolts Titanium Hardware Engine Bay Kit. Our Stage 1 kit is specifically designed to replace the visible hardware around the engine bay when the plastic covers are left on the car. This 50 piece kit includes bolts, nuts, and washers manufactured from extremely durable, anticorrosive, and lightweight GR5 titanium metal.


Additionally, our hardware is finished using a PVD coloring process that outperforms the rigidity of traditional anodizing. Available colors: Red, True Burned, Blue, Purple, Polished, Gold, and Black. The kit also comes with instructions that show you where each piece of hardware goes making installation quick and easy.


Not enough hardware? Click HERE to see our Stage 2 Engine Bay Kit.

Dress Up Bolts Stage 1 TITANIUM HARDWARE Engine Bay Kit - Toyota Supra MKV

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