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***  Billing and shipping address must match when checking out or orders WILL be canceled.  

 **  Due to high demand we are looking at 4-8 weeks to ship your kit once it is placed.  

** Turbo will be mounted close to your valve cover and strut tower as seen in pictures.  We will supply you with a proper heat shield and turbo blanket to protect from radiant heat. 

DOC Race is in the process of developing a true bolt on turbo kit which will be available to purchase for your 2021+ 6 port Supra.  We  are using PTE turbos which have been proven in the industry to be one of the best performing and reliable turbos. 

Max HP ratings below:

  • 6266- 750whp
  • 6466- 825whp
  • 6870- 950whp

 Turbo kit includes:

  • PTE Turbo T4 twin scroll 1.0 A/R
  • Cast T4 twin scroll exhaust manifold 
  • Dual Turbosmart  GenV 40mm wastegates
  • 3.5” stainless downpipe to connect to oem exhaust
  • Dual 1.75” stainless wastegate dump tubes 
  • Braided stainless -6an coolant bypass line
  • Braided stainless -10an oil drain line
  • Braided stainless -4an  oil feed line 
  • DOC Race carbon turbo blanket
  • Exhaust wrap for downpipe
  • All required fittings, lines and filter for PCV system
  • All required charge pipes, couplers and clamps
  • 4” full size air filter with provision for oem intake air temp sensor
  • All gaskets and hardware required for full install

Doc Race - MKV Supra GR 6 Port Top Mount Turbo Kit

    • Borg Warner EFR Turbo using internal wastegate exhaust housing
    • Turbo uses titanium turbine wheel for fast response
    • Turbo cooled by oil and coolant for reliability and longevity
    • Utilizes OEM wastegate actuator (stock computer will control boost)
    • Exhaust manifold made with 2" stainless thick walled runners
    • 3" stainless downpipe connects to OEM exhaust
    • Includes turbo blanket and heat wrap to protect your engine bay from heat

    Clean-sheet concepts. Loaded with innovations. Engineered For Racing.

    What kind of turbocharger would you build for your high-performance car? The engineers in BorgWarner’s Advanced Aftermarket Product group created a wish list of every notable design characteristic. They used materials that had never been combined into an aftermarket turbocharger. They delivered quick boost response, powerful performance and reliable durability.

    The EFR (Engineered For Racing) turbochargers from BorgWarner offer an unprecedented combination of advanced technologies:


    • Low-weight Gamma-Ti turbine wheels and shaft assemblies for quick boost response
    • Patent-pending dual ceramic ball bearing cartridges for more thrust capacity, durability and turbine efficiency at low expansion ratios
    • Stainless steel turbine housing for increased efficiency, improved durability and corrosion resistance
    • Range of units supporting 225 to 1,000 horsepower per turbocharger


    • Ultra low-mass Gamma-Ti turbine wheels
    • Mixed-flow turbine blade design
    • Dual ceramic ball bearing cartridges
    • Aluminum bearing housing
    • Stainless steel turbine housing
    • Flexible orientation compressor cover
    • Forged milled compressor wheels
    • Integrated high-flow wastegate, boost control solenoid valve, speed sensor and compressor recirculation valve
    • Simple orientation
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