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Introducing the latest and greatest Wireless connection method for your BMW F and G series vehicles and the 2020+ Toyota Supra, the all new bootmod3 Wireless Adapter.

bootmod3 WiFi adapter is fully designed in-house by our engineers, built with the highest quality parts and a modern chipset. It achieves perfect reliability and is the quickest adapter currently offered on the market.



BM3 | BOOTMOD3 - Wireless OBDII WIFI Enet Canbus Flash Adapter

    • Fastest flash times over ENET and CANBUS
    • Reliable and consistent connectivity
    • Wireless ENET support for BMW F and G series vehicles and 2020+ Toyota Supra
    • Wireless CANBUS Support
      • Unlike generic WiFi adapters, our adapter allows full flashing of transmission on GEN2 BMW and 2020+ Toyota Supra removing need for additional WiFi adapters or DCAN cables
    • V3 Version ONLY - NO ALARMS if left plugged in (BMW G series vehicles and Toyota Supra)
      • Enters ultra low power mode if left plugged in consuming just ~20mA
    • OTA updates through the new bootmod3 app
    • Firmware fully extensible for additional flash and diagnostic protocols for future connectivity support
    • V2A version of the adapter will trigger alarm on G series vehicles and 2020+ Toyota Supra. It is a lower cost option for those that don't mind unplugging their adapter after use
    • Manual Toggle switch to fully power down adapter
    • Small form factor, considerably smaller than generic WiFi ENET adapters
    • No VIN locking, can be used on multiple vehicles
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