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This version of the G80 M3 / G82 M4 S58 intake includes the intake system, but NOT the carbon heat shields on top of your intake box. Both versions contain carbon fiber intake tubes.


By using 3D scanning tech, the tube of the BMW G80 M3/ G82 M4 intake system for the S58 is built in one piece and smoothly curved to provide a direct path for airflow which they can spool with less drag. If there is miss match or level gap, it will cause air turbulence inside the tube. Therefore we designed the tube not only in one piece but also in a progressive enlargement to allow the airflow smoothly into the turbo inlet to work more efficiently.

The airbox has been designed with a heat shield to isolate the heat from the engine bay and provide as much volume as possible as you can see. And the intake system is built with fine carbon fiber which is a low-density material with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Carbon fiber is tough without getting bogged down like steel or aluminum, and it’s one of the strongest of all commercial reinforcing fibers, making it perfect for applications in engine modification. And it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, meaning that it is less likely to change shape when exposed to heat than other materials. Also, it is naturally resistant to oxidation which means it is well suited for places where it might be exposed to heat.

ARMASPEED’s cold air intake system for BMW G80 M3/ G82 M4 S58 was developed through multiple testing and airflow simulation analyses and it is designed to allow you to gain more horsepower if you want to upgrade to a big turbo in the future which we know that you won’t be satisfied with the speed now. It sets a new benchmark in craftsmanship for cold air intake systems.

Armaspeed - BMW G80 M3 / G82 M4 Cold Air Intake

  • Aluminum base x 2
    Carbon fiber inlet pipe x 2
    Hardware for Installation

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