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Maintain your air filter's optimal performance with regular cleanings, which are recommended every 20-30k miles.

  • Includes Two 12oz. Bottles of POWER Cleaner
  • Specifically Made for aFe POWER Pro DRY S Air Filters
  • Simply Spray On and Rinse Off

aFe Air Filter Restore Kit: 12 oz (2 Qty) Pro DRY S Power Cleaner (Spray Bottle)

SKU: 90-59999
  • For Pro DRY S Air Filters:
    This POWER CLEANER was specifically developed for aFe POWER's PRO DRY S air filters, breaking down dirt and dust without damaging the synthetic material.

    Cleaning Air Filters:
    Simply spray the cleaner onto the filter element, rinse, and your air filter is good to go. No oil is necessary when servicing Pro DRY S air filters. Refer to the instruction sheet for more information.

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