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A sports car built by enthusiasts and for enthusiasts, the GR86 / BRZ has the performance pedigree of a top-tier sports car.

The ADRO widebody kit increases the vehicle’s width by more than five inches on the front bumper and six inches on the rear. The length is also increased by more than five inches with the inclusion of the custom carbon fiber wing and diffuser.

Aerodynamic testing for ADRO’s carbon fiber body kit shows a dramatic increase in downforce for the custom GR86 / BRZ to improve the cornering performance of the package.

Learn more about our GR86 / BRZ widebody kit here. 

Adro - Toyota GR86 / Subaru Brz Widebody Kit

SKU: A18A10-1101
  • Compatible with:

    2022-2023 Toyota GR86 Base
    2022-2023 Toyota GR86 Premium
    2022-2023 Subaru BRZ Premium
    2022-2023 Subaru BRZ Limited

    Full body kit includes:

    Front Bumper Extensions
    Front Overfenders
    Rear Overfenders
    Carbon Fiber Side Air Vent Cover
    Carbon Fiber Front Lip
    Carbon Fiber Side Skirt
    Carbon Fiber Diffuser (Only in Kit with Diffuser)


    FRP/ Wet Carbon Fiber



    Front Bumper Extensions: 530 mm x 1910 mm x 613 mm
    Front Overfenders: 1,087 mm x 206 mm x 662 mm
    Rear Overfenders: 1,244 mm x 258 mm x 707 mm
    Carbon Fiber Side Air Vent Cover: 184 mm x 46 mm x 365 mm
    Carbon Fiber Front Lip: 585 mm x 1,833 mm x 33 mm
    Carbon Fiber Side Skirt: 1,868 mm x 190 mm x 46 mm
    Carbon Fiber Diffuser: 527 mm x 1,689 mm x 356 mm

    Recommended wheel size: 

    Front: 18x9-35 
    Rear: 18x10-35


    With Diffuser: 30.6 lbs (13.9 kg) total
    Without Diffuser: 25.1 lbs (11.4kg) total

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