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The rear end of the GR86 was just redesigned, but now you can take it even further with the ADRO carbon fiber rear diffuser. This gorgeous rear diffuser is made from real, hand-crafted carbon fiber and will add a whole new level of aggression to the rear of the car. Of course, the exhaust outlets are also enlarged to fit a wide range of aftermarket exhaust systems. This is one of the most aggressive diffuser designs for this platform and is super easy to install.

Adro - Toyota GR86 / Subaru Brz Rear Diffuser

SKU: A18A10-1301
  • Compatible with:

    2022-2023 Toyota GR86 Base
    2022-2023 Toyota GR86 Premium
    2022-2023 Subaru BRZ Premium
    2022-2023 Subaru BRZ Limited


    Rear diffuser


    Wet Carbon Fiber



    553 mm x 1504 mm x 1234 mm

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