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Keep air flowing seamlessly under your EV6 while turning heads everywhere you drive. This diffuser is made from real hand-crafted carbon fiber and was engineered to not only provide a far more aggressive look to the back of the EV6, but to assist in directing airflow to give you as much battery range as possible. This is the perfect functional styling modification for any EV6.

Adro - Kia EV6 Rear Diffuser

SKU: A12A40-1301
  • Compatible with:

    2022 EV6 First Edition
    2022 EV6 Light
    2022-2023 EV6 Wind

    Full kit includes:

    Rear Diffuser


    Wet Carbon Fiber



    545 mm x 1,790 mm x 218 mm


    5.8 lbs (2.62 kg)

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