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Add an aggressive edge to the smooth hatchback of your EV6 by adding the ADRO carbon fiber rear spoiler. This spoiler is made from hand-crafted carbon fiber and was designed to match the factory styling of the EV6 perfectly. Looks aside, this spoiler can help with downforce for a more confident driving experience and is able to withstand years of daily use. This is the part that the Kia EV6 has been missing all along.

Adro - Kia EV6 Spoiler

SKU: A12A40-1501
  • Compatible with:

    2022 EV6 First Edition
    2022 EV6 Light
    2022-2023 EV6 Wind
    2022-2023 EV6 GT
    2022-2023 EV6 GT Line

    Full kit includes:

    3 Piece Spoiler


    Wet Carbon Fiber



    241 mm x 1,446 mm x 113 mm


    0.95lbs (0.43 kg)

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