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If you're looking for a more aggressive look than your factory rear end or our V1 spoiler, then the V2 spoiler might be for you. Just like our V1 version, this spoiler is made from real carbon fiber and designed to complement the beautiful design of the G70. The V2, however, comes up higher than the V1 spoiler and features a contoured design that was molded to give more definition to the the spoiler as a whole. This is the perfect balance between an aggressive, show-style spoiler and a functional, OEM+ style wing. This spoiler will also pair perfectly with all of the other V2 carbon fiber parts that we carry, like the V2 side skirts, front lip, and rear diffuser. When you combine all of these parts together, you get a look that is far more aggressive than factory and parts that are crafted from the highest-quality carbon fiber.

Adro - Genesis G70 Trunk Spoiler V2

SKU: A11A10-1502
  • Compatible with: 

    2021 Genesis G70 3.3T
    2021 Genesis G70 2.0T Sport
    2021 Genesis G70 2.0T
    2020 Genesis G70 3.3T
    2020 Genesis G70 2.0T Sport
    2020 Genesis G70 2.0T
    2019 Genesis G70 3.3T Dynamic
    2019 Genesis G70 3.3T Design
    2019 Genesis G70 3.3T Advanced
    2019 Genesis G70 2.0T Sport
    2019 Genesis G70 2.0T Advanced

    This kit includes:

    Carbon fiber trunk spoiler


    Wet carbon fiber

    Dimensions: TBA
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