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Elantra N Widebody Kit by ADRO.

A sports sedan built by Hyundai N division, the Elantra N has the performance of a proper enthusiast's car.

We at ADRO realized that many of the Elantra N owners like to increase the horsepower which requires to put wider tires and wheels. However, due to the nature of the stock Elantra N body only being able to run 245~255 width tires, many owners were stuck with limited traction. The ADRO widebody kit can fix that.  The ADRO widebody kit increases the vehicle’s width by more than five inches and it gives the car the proper sports sedan look and spec it deserves. 

Adro - Elantra N Widebody Kit

SKU: A10A40-1101
  • Compatible with: 

    2022-2023 Hyundai Elantra N

    This kit includes:

    Front over fenders
    Rear over fenders
    Widebody front lip
    Widebody side skirt


    Wet carbon fiber, fiberglass 

    Dimensions: TBA
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