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Increase downforce while completely transforming the rear end of the G82 M4 with the ADRO AT-S wing. This hand-crafted prepreg swan neck wing finds the perfect balance between function and form while staying as lightweight as possible. With clean and simple installation and an OEM fit and finish, the AT-S wing is the perfect match for any G82 M4. 

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Adro - Bmw G82 M4 At-S Swan Neck Wing

SKU: A14A40-1501
  • Compatible with:

    2021-2023 BMW M4 Standard
    2021-2023 BMW M4 Competition


    Swan Neck Wing
    Wing Stands


    Prepreg ("Dry") Carbon Fiber
    Aluminum Wing Stands



    537 mm x 1,518 mm x 146 mm

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