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Redirect airflow while adding the perfect subtle accent to the side of your M2. This side skirt kit is made from 100% real carbon fiber and is designed to have a factory-like fit and finish. From the handcrafted construction to the carefully designed styling, these side skirts are designed to withstand the abuse from any track day and still look good rolling up to a show.

Adro - Bmw F87 M2 Side Skirts

SKU: A14A30-1401
  • Compatible with:

    2021 BMW F87 M2 Competition
    2020 BMW F87 M2 Competition
    2020 BMW F87 M2 CS
    2019 BMW F87 M2 Competition
    2018 BMW F87 M2 Standard
    2017 BMW F87 M2 Standard
    2016 BMW F87 M2 Standard


    Wet Carbon Fiber


    1,955mm x 180mm x 130mm



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