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The subtle change to the M2 was missing. This ADRO two-piece upper and lower lip kit adds a whole new level of aggression to the front of the M2 by accenting the already sharp lines of the M2 with 100% real carbon fiber. This lip kit will not only help increase downforce, but will give the M2 an even more aggressive front end design that any BMW enthusiast will love.

Adro - Bmw F87 M2 Front Lip

SKU: A14A30-1211
  • Compatible with:

    2021 BMW F87 M2 Competition
    2020 BMW F87 M2 Competition
    2020 BMW F87 M2 CS
    2019 BMW F87 M2 Competition


    Note: the front air duct cover and lip are not compatible with the standard versions


    Wet Carbon Fiber


    Front Lip: 446mm x 1,727mm x 101mm
    Front Air Duct Cover: 242mm x 394mm x 301mm


    Front Lip: 1.07kg
    Front Air Duct Cover: 0.31 kg

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