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Map Switching 

This is what to expect from Map Switching:  Initially you’ll buy a new CustomROM tune from us,  Sam and his team will work to dial the tune in on the mods and fuel type you choose.  Next,  you’ll have additional optional slots, sold separately,  to have variations of this map. 


Some examples of great uses for map switching are to have street or drag map variation with torque by gear limitations for different tires or road surfaces,   a kill map with higher boost/timing to be used on occasion,  a daily map with reduced boost, valet, or flames map, etc. 


What NOT to expect about Map Switching:   These map slots are not full separate custom tunes. They only adjust certain things about the base map such as boost and timing but do not include everything that can be adjusted such as valve timing and detailed boost control, etc.   


Map switching is great but not as powerful or precisely adjustable as having separate tunes.  


Separate CustomROM maps are needed if you are wanting to fully optimize all the tables and capabilities for each specific fuel type.

A90 Shop Performance Tune - Custom Map Switching, Three Additional Slots, Add On

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