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Installation is very easy. Just peel off the 3M double-sided tape and stick it from above!The surface is treated with a clear coating to prevent UV rays.[Compatible models]MKV / MK5 Toyota Supra GR A90 / A91This product is common part for both LHD and RHD[Installation location]Front duct[Surface treatment]・Clear coated・Prevents damage from UV rays[contents]・ set of 2・ Cleaner

A90 Shop - Dry Carbon Fog Light Cover


    Benefits of Graphene Coating

    - 5+ years of protection

    - Higher Scratch Resistance

    - Higher Stain Resistance (bird droppings, acid rain, etc.)

    - Increased gloss and color enhancement

    - STRONGER and more EFFECTIVE than traditional ceramic coatings

    - Increased contact angle up to 115°

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