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A90 Shop is proud to offer ECU / DME unlock services for vehicles that have a DME with a production date post 6/2020.


The overseas turnaround time is between 10-15 days.


This package includes the BM3 license, A90 Shop ethernet data cable, A90 Shop Track Downpipe, FEMTO DME unlock, complete international shipping, as well as domestic overnight shipping to and from A90 Shop. This is a $2700 retail value.



If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to call the shop at 725-86-Supra, (725-867-8772.

A90 Shop - DME / ECU FEMTO Unlock PREMIERE Package

  • After or during purchasing we reach out to arrange shipment for you to send us your DME unit from your vehicle. We can assist with removal as well as checking your DME status for a bench vs. overseas unlock over the phone, by email, Facetime, etc.

    We have an option that includes insured, overnight shipping directly to our shop to expedite the process. You also have the right to arrange your own shipping to and from A90 Shop.

    Upon arrival here, we connect uour DME unit to your BM3 license, and then send your unit out to FEMTO in Finland. Femto quotes, 10-15 day turnaround times, with holidays and other events occuring.

    This process will allow you to perform flash tuning with BM3.

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