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A90 Shop 's very own wind deflector design. 


These are made from strong dry carbon with a high gloss finish. These are design to fit around and cover your mirror attachment. This isn't like others on the market that just stick on and look out of place. These blend in with your mirror design and align with the angles of the nearby body window and mirror pieces. These are half more than HALF the weight of the others.

Made from high quality dry carbon fiber, 2x2 weave, these will remove the buffeting while driving with the windows down.

* Sold in pairs 
Fits all MKV Supra models


Additional Option for GRAPHENE coating for $30.00
- Includes 3M adhesive tape for easy installation.
- Clear Coat options: Gloss

A90 Shop - Carbon Fiber Wind Deflector Caps, MKV Toyota Supra GR A90 / A91

  • Benefits of Graphene Coating

    - 5+ years of protection

    - Higher Scratch Resistance

    - Higher Stain Resistance (bird droppings, acid rain, etc.)

    - Increased gloss and color enhancement

    - STRONGER and more EFFECTIVR than traditional ceramic coatings

    - Increased contact angle up to 115°

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