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This piece in gloss, 3k carbon twill weave is an amazing addition to complete your interior. It matches perfectly with the oem carbon and is sure to get compliments.


This is installed with double sided 3m tape. We guarantee fitment and strong adhesion with proper prep to the interior placement surface.


Graphene additions are available on this one for an additional $100. This will help protect from scratches during use and install, as well as possible longterm UV damage and chemical protection.

A90 Shop - Carbon Fiber Passenger Dash Cover, MKV Toyota Supra


      Benefits of Graphene Coating

      - 5+ years of protection

      - Higher Scratch Resistance

      - Higher Stain Resistance (bird droppings, acid rain, etc.)

      - Increased gloss and color enhancement

      - STRONGER and more EFFECTIVE than traditional ceramic coatings

      - Increased contact angle up to 115°

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