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The A90 Shop 4.5" Track Edition downpipe is made from 304 grade stainless steel, CNC flanges, TIG welded. This is a brightly polished piece with branded laser engraving. This pipe will both increase flow, exhaust sound, and performance. This is a perfect start to a modified/tuned Supra.


This is for TRACK USE ONLY. This is not EPA legal, SMOG certified, or CARB compliant. Only order this if you're aware of and abiding by local and state laws for use. If you choose to order this in an area where this is outlawed you agree to not install and only use as decoration.

A90 Shop - 4.5" Track Edition Downpipe, MKV Supra 3.0 B58

  • Many exhaust hot parts now have options for ceramic coating. Ceramic coating reduces engine bay temps, increasing life of nearby components, increasing performance, and preventing pipe failure. A90 Shop's ceramic coating option is capable of withstanding temps of up to 1800° Fahrenheit.

    This option is a must have if you're seeking the most performance and longevity for your vehicle and hot parts.

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