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FI Exhaust Wholesale MADE motorsports Frequency Intelligent


MADE motorsports is the leading seller and distributor of FI exhaust products in the WORLD. We work hand in hand with FI Exhaust for North American distribution. We have the most knowledge, experience, and best prices available on these items. Frequency Intelligent Exhaust is a MADE motorsports favorite. We are happy to guide you in the process of ordering these one of a kind, multi feature exhaust systems.

The best way to describe an FI Exhaust design would be to say it is THE gentlemen's exhaust. These valvetronic multi-flow designs have the best of both worlds in terms of quiet and loud, tame and aggressive. Based on valve settings and drive style, you can totally change and control the volume and aggressiveness of your exhaust based on how you drive. Each setting of the valve control and every difference in acceleration adjusts the flow rate and direction, resulting in volume adjustability for a more controlled driving experience.


Whether you're out on open roads in wide open throttle, on a track with decibel limits, or cruising in and out of the neighborhood, there is a setting or an intelligent design to make sure you get the sound and performance you need at that exact time.

Frequency Intelligent Exhaust aka FI EXHAUST perfectly combines many years of expertise and modern technology to create the most advanced exhaust systems for supercars, sports cars, performance and luxury vehicles. We take pride in knowing that every exhaust we build, every product we create is the fusion of FI's unique design, experience and our cutting-edge and signature valvetronic technology, built-in intelligent controller. It’s a perfect balance between performance and sound, which is rigorously tested to a specific frequency in order to achieve the best sports car sound. Therefore, FI EXHAUST has made sizeable investments in all aspects of product development to continue providing innovative solutions and enhance driving experience. At the same time, we believe FI EXHAUST modification is an expression of a certain automotive lifestyle. Therefore, we’ve chose to participate in events and collaborate with partners who embody this lifestyle and show appreciation and love for cars in the same passion as FI EXHAUST.

MADE motorsports Mercedes G63 AMG FI Exhaust
MADE motorsports aftermarket performance shop Las Vegas, Nevada

MADE motorsports: Our Story

At MADE motorsports, our mission is to provide the best possible automotive performance solutions for our customers. We are based in Las Vegas but serve customers around the world. We take a concierge-style approach to customer service, ensuring that we always go the extra mile to get the job done right.

We are driven to be better than the issues that plague the automotive performance industry. We are here for all types of automotive enthusiasts, from the seasoned racer to the weekend hobbyist. We are a team of automotive enthusiasts and specialists, all committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

Industry Leading Sales Numbers & Relationships

MADE motorsports and its brands have a network reach that allows them the best pricing and fastest allocation possible. We know how to get it done, and get it done quickly and correctly.

Holding Ourselves & Our Brands To The Highest Standards

Our brands are carefully chosen through years of experience based on quality, customer service and care, logistical speed, and reliable supply. We've all dealt with companies with delays, no answers, bad service, etc. We're here to eliminate those connections, improve customer service quality, and add a reliable and concierge like approach to automotive modification.

A Concierge Approach To Automotive Modification

Whether it be for a single part, or an entire build, our staff caters to you in a way you haven't experienced before. With one on one guidance throughout the buying process, we're here to help and break the mold on expectations in this industry.

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