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Introducing the Triple Seven Carbon Paddle Extensions, exclusively designed for A90/91 Supra. A component of our Magnetic Paddles, we're thrilled to offer a streamlined, enhanced solution for those seeking that little extra in their driving experience. Zero drilling, zero cutting, and zero tools - maintaining the simplicity we're known for.

Our Carbon Paddle extensions latch onto your existing paddles without the need for removing the airbag, allowing for an incredibly swift installation in under a minute. Crafted meticulously using a unique blend of traditionally woven carbon fiber cover and an additive-manufactured support for a lightweight and effective product.

Customize your paddles from our selection of 9 different colors to match any interior or theme. With the Triple Seven Carbon Paddle Extensions, OEM appearance remains untouched while offering you an unparalleled extension to your shifting experience.  


This option is just for the top piece. This is an option to extend your existing OEM paddle system, without adding the full magnetic click style paddle, or to swap your color options on your existing Triple Seven shift paddles.

Triple Seven - MKV A90 Toyota Supra Carbon Shift Paddle Extensions

  • - Precision Response

    - Improved Ergonomics 

    - 1 Minute Install

    - Retains OEM Appearance

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