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This comprehensive kit includes everything required to construct a high performance port injection fuel delivery system for the Toyota MK5 GR Supra (excluding a fuel controller, injectors, and pumps). 


The fuel pump hanger retrofits with the factory direct injection LPFP adding an additional pump specifically for port injection. It can be configured with a variety of different fuel pump options. More details on the 20-0760 fuel hanger can be found HERE.

The fuel lines, a high flow fuel filter, AN fittings, and undercarriage hard line retainers replace all OEM components. More details on the 20-0761-0X fuel hanger plumbing kits can be found HERE.

Fuel enters the engine through a 8AN banjo fitting on the inlet of a high flow B58 port injection fuel rail. More details on the 20-0753 fuel rail can be found HERE. NOTE: Fuel Injectors are required.

The included FPR regulates fuel pressure with boost pressure at a 1:1 ratio. More details on the 20-0623-0X DMR can be found HERE.

The DMR is monitored and adjusted using a 0-100psi gauge. More details regarding the 20-0029 gauge can be found HERE.

Radium Engineering MK5 Supra Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit - Stainless

SKU: 20-0761-03
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