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Relocate your front license plate with the PERRIN Front License Plate Relocate for a modified look and better airflow to radiators and intercoolers without having to drill holes in your bumper.


Height and Angle Adjustable
The PERRIN Front License Plate Relocate can be adjusted up or down to get the exact look you want. It allows you to place the plate perfectly on your car regardless of bumper style or aftermarket accessories.


Mounts to OEM Front Tow Hook
PERRIN's Front License Plate Relocate attaches to the bumper through the front tow hook on your Supra. This tow hook mount supports the plate without the need for any screws or fasteners which require holes in your bumper.


Contoured to Bumper
The PERRIN Front License Plate Relocate is contoured to the bumper angle giving your plate equal spacing along the edge of your bumper.


The plate holder is made from laser cut plate aluminum which is texture powder coated in a wrinkle black finish. The tow hook adapter is CNC machined aluminum and anodized black for better corrosion resistance.


The plate holder is made of thick plate aluminum which is folded in a press break to add rigidity and eliminate any flex. It will not bend or flex under normal conditions like competitive parts.

Perrin Performance License Plate Relocate, MKV Supra GR

    • Height adjustable for perfect fit
    • Attaches to front bumper through the front tow hook
    • Contoured fit to bumper
    • Plate holder is constructed from aluminum
    • Adapter is constructed from CNC machined aluminum
    • Will not flex or bend under normal conditions
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