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Paradigm Engineering's Upgraded BMW B58 magnetic aluminum oil filter Housing cap directly replaces the OEM plastic oil filter cap on your BMW and Toyota Supra B58 engines.

Each oil filter cap is CNC milled from a solid block of billet aluminum and fitted with a Samarium-Cobalt rare earth magnet. This magnet is in direct contact with pre-filtered oil, and will naturally capture any ferrous particles that may be within your engine oil. Additionally our aluminum oil filter caps prevent many of the problems associated with the OE plastic caps such as cracks, rounded heads, and mangled threads.

As an engine wears, it becomes inevitable that a fine amount of ferrous particles will naturally be shed. Ferrous particles in engine oil cause premature wear, obstruct the paper oil filter, and could be an indication of a serious issue within your engine.

For more information, please check out our FAQ

Note: Must use an OEM filter bypass valve. Handle Samarium magnets with care. Avoid striking, tapping, or hard drops.


Paradigm Engineering - Magnetic Billet Oil Filter Housing Cap, MKV Supra 3.0 B58


    - Effective method of capturing any ferrous particles that may be within your oil

    - Samarium-Cobalt magnets are able to operate at a temperature of up to 662° Fahrenheit with a higher threshold of degradation than Neodymium magnets

    - Finishes available in Polished, Black, Red, and Blue

    - Logo machine engraved after anodize for a premium finish           

    - Improve engine bay aesthetics

    - Reuses OE filter and cage/bypass valve (remove center cage from OE housing cap and snap into the  billet housing cap!)

    - No special tool needed for filter changes, retains OE 32mm nut size

    - Precision designed and manufactured in the USA by individuals with a background in Endurance Motorsports

     Patent Pending

  • Toyota

     • 2020+ GR Supra Mk5 B58 3.0L 6 cyl.

    BMW 1 Series

    • 2015+ F20/F21 B58 M140i 3.0L

    BMW 2 Series

    • 2022+ G42 B58 M240i xDrive 3.0L
    • 2016-2021 F22 F23 B58 M240i/iX 3.0L

    BMW 3 Series

    • 2020+ G20 B58 M340i/M340iX 3.0L

    • 2016-2019 F30 B58 340i/340iX 3.0L

    BMW 4 Series

    • 2016-2020 F32 F33 F36 B58 440i/440iX 3.0L

    BMW 5 Series

    • 2017+ G30 B58 540i/540iX 3.0L

    BMW 6 Series
    • 2017+ G32 B58 640i/640iX 3.0L

    BMW 7 Series
    2016+ G11/G12 B58 740i/740iX 3.0L

    BMW 8 Series
    2020+ G15/G14/G16 B58 840i/840iX/Gran Coupe 3.0L

    BMW X Series

    • 2018+ G01 B58 X3 3.0i/M40i 3.0L
    • 2019+ G02 B58 X4 3.0i/M40i 3.0L
    • 2019+ G05 B58 X5 40i/40iX 3.0L
    • 2019+ G06 B58 X6 40i 3.0L
    • 2019+ G07 B58 X7 40i 3.0L

    BMW Z4

    • 2019+ BMW G29 B58 Z4 M40i 3.0L

     If your BMW has a B58 engine and you don't see your exact model on the list below please email us.

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