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NEW from ORACLE Lighting - ColorSHIFT® RGB+A DRL Upgrade for the 2020-2021 Toyota Supra GR (Part# 1400). Upgrade your lights to any color by simply replacing the factory DRL circuit board with the ORACLE ColorSHIFT® circuit board. You can set the lights to be one single color or use one of our ColorSHIFT® controllers to program color patterns and themes then simply switch the lights back to white for Legal on-road use.


NEW! Installation is simple and does not require disassembling or cutting the headlights. Plug in the ORACLE circuit boards and connect to the ORACLE ColorSHIFT® controller of your choice.

"...the Supra ColorSHIFT upgrade installation process is incredibly simple. The installer does not need to dissemble the headlights, the DRL Circuit Board is accessible from the back side of the light. Simply remove the factory DRL Circuit Board and install the new ORACLE ColorSHIFT RGB+A Circuit Board using the original hardware and connect the boards to the ColorSHIFT controller. I wish that all of the headlight installations were this easy."

The RGB+A kit includes optional trigger wires for Amber LED which can be connected to any switched 12v source of your choice.

Oracle 20-21 Toyota Supra GR - ColorSHIFT w/ BC1 Controller

SKU: 1400-335
  • - Direct OE Factory Fitment
    - Control colors, speed, brightness, and other functions with use of an RGB controller
    - 1 year warranty

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