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HKS CARBON BRACE is a brace bar that features high quality Japanese-made carbon material, jointly designed with Graphite Design, the No. 1 company for golf carbon shafts and tour pro use, to create a unique "Flex" effect that improves both driving performance and ride comfort.

In addition, the use of carbon material in the engine bay gives it a luxurious finish, making it a product that combines functionality with a dress-up effect. The brackets on both ends are machined from aluminum and colorless anodized to provide the beauty and corrosion resistance of aluminum. It has a laser-engraved HKS brand logo.

*Although front and rear sets are sold separately, HKS recommends purchasing the full set because the performance was evaluated by HKS as front and rear sets.

- Front carbon brace (1 each side, 2 total)



HKS - Front Carbon Strut Brace Set, MKV A90 Supra

  • Benefits of Graphene Coating

    - 5+ years of protection

    - Higher Scratch Resistance

    - Higher Stain Resistance (bird droppings, acid rain, etc.)

    - Increased gloss and color enhancement

    - STRONGER and more EFFECTIVE than traditional ceramic coatings

    - Increased contact angle up to 115°

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